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  1. Jacob says:

    Emily really understood how I learned and adapted how she taught to help me comprehend concepts that I found difficult. My writing skills definitely improved!! She was incredibly patient and very encouraging. I am so grateful for the help!!

  2. Anna Wyka says:

    I have known Emily for five years. She tutored my son Michael while he was a high school student.
    I have never met anyone as dedicated as Emily. She seemed to have an infinite amount of time and patience; always ready to discuss more than Shakespeare. Quite often, Emily would wait until midnight for Michael to finish his essay and email it to her for a review before he handed it in the next day. She was genuinely happy when he did well.

    Emily has excellent written and verbal communication skills. She has ability to connect with students, engage and motivate them, and raise their confidence. I highly recommend Emily as a tutor. She will not only be an instructor but also a mentor to your child.

  3. Sarah says:

    I have known Emily for over 10 years and she has tutored my children for 5 years. We are so lucky to have Emily as she is patient, brilliant, dedicated, and is the utmost fantastic teacher, and in case of emergencies Emily is always accommodating. She has helped my children how to comprehend a story as well as how to write a proper essay. We have enjoyed Emily and have really appreciated all the help she has given my kids.

  4. Jordan Bailey says:

    Emily was a excellent tutor..I needed to up grade my English to university level and she helped me through the whole process…this also helped me going forward in my college education. Really appreciated Emily”s time and expertise.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks, Jordan. What an intense summer! I really admired your dedication to come every day so that you could complete your entire course in such a short time. I was so happy to help you through the process. You did a great job!

  5. Danielle says:

    Emily MacGregor is a great tutor. She is very helpful when you need her and she is available at any time. CALL HER :)

  6. Michael Wyka says:

    Emily MacGregor was the best English tutor I have ever had she was incredibly helpful.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Michael. I really appreciate your comment, even if it is a run on sentence :p. There should be a period after “had” and a new sentence starting with “she.” I will never stop teaching you, lol. Thanks again! You were great to work with :-).

  7. Keith Wayne says:

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